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This enormous two-volume paintings updates Murray's Index of previous state Titles released in 1908. as well as outdated state titles and words, there are a multitude from the Archaic interval and a number of other from the 1st Intermediate interval. The truly offered entries, prepared alphabetically, give you the most typical orthnography with a transliteration and translation, with a date and textual references. a useful reference instrument.

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The third king in the Abydos list, of whose name nothing except the royal determinatives is preserved in the Turin Canon, is Iti,7 who is securely identified by the Cairo Annals with the Horus Djer. Unless it be supposed, as one writer has suggested,8 that the second king, also called Iti in the Turin Canon but Teti in the Abydos list, is to be equated with an ephemeral king whose 1 a 4 8 7 G, 28,41; §1,4, 87-105; §iv, 35, 23. §1, 9, 279-82; §1, 23, 47-9, fig. 5. G, 6,404-5, fig. 13; §m, i i . p l .

G , 4, 60, fig. 23; §111, 2, v o l . 1, 60, fig. 3 1 . G , 4, 60; §111, 2, v o l . in, 73, 94. §iv, 1. O t h e r readings o f this n a m e a r e : W a d j i (§iv, 20, 282-4, b u t s e e §iv, 2 a n d §iv, 23, part 11, 7 n . 1 ) , E d j o ( G , 6, 405), D j a i t ( E d j o ) o r D j a i t i ( [ E d j o t ] §iv, 13), W a d j (§iv, 22, 64-6). | i , 14, 1 1 ; §iv, 25, 65. S e e b e l o w , p. 26. §1, 14, 9 gives I t i u . §111, 2, v o l . 11, 102, fig. 105, pi. 35. §iv, 12. 1 Meagre though this information is, it suggests that Djet was able to despatch expeditions, of either a military or a commercial character, outside the Nile Valley.

Ibid, part 11, 31, n. 3. See G. A. Reisner, Mycerinus, 102-3, P*- 7°c7 §vm, 11, 46-7. Cf. §vm, 55, 45, n. 2. §1, 14, 12. 9 §iv, 32. §vm, 11,48-53. See Plate 28(0). §1, 14, 13-14; §iv, 23, part n, 49; §vm, 11, 45, n. 2. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 THE SUCCESSORS OF MENES 31 personal name which was identical with his Horus-name; it is this name which the Abydos and Saqqara lists reproduce in the corrupt forms Banetjeren and Banetjeru followed by Manetho who reads Binothris.

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