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An creation to Badiou's philosophical suggestion and its implications for different humanistic disciplines and the social sciences.

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How can the thesis by which mathematics is identified with ontology sustain two versions of the sciences of being-qua·being, and, moreover, two concurrent ones, if we are to trust the opinion of mathematicians themselves? To settle this question, Badiou proposes what he calls a "transitory" ontol· ogy. Its underlying strategy is to deal less with being than with appearing. Insofar as category theory lays special emphasis on synoptically illustrating algebraic equa· tions through the painstaking construction of categories and toposes, it would be fair to say that in Badiou's option what underlies the categorical orientation's ob­ ject·theory, regardless of its complexity, is how categories are drawn out into for· mal operativity, synoptically conditioned.

Every natural number has one successor, which is also a natural number, 3. no natural number has 0 as its successor, 4. different natural numbers have different successors, 5. if 0 has some property, and if when a number has that property then its successor also does, then all natural numbers have that property. Also known as "recursivity," what this induction globally postulates is the possibility of infusing a temporal fundament to a step-based sequence, although to be fair the temporal variant is here still rudimentary at best.

Is it a problem for mathematics that sets are refined by knowledge of categories? Is it a problem to find that life is not always what it seems and that the rule of the excluded middle, endemic to set theory but relative to only some constructions in category theory, does not have absolute currency in the real? At any rate such is only one of the intuitionist consequences of equating category theory with a general foundational theory of logic. Still, Badiou builds his system upon the basis of the set as the most adequate concept by which to handle the idea of the pure multiple.

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