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By Arnold P. Goldstein (Eds.)

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Das dem Zeitalter souveraner Nationalstaaten eigentumliche institutionelle Geflecht von Recht und staatlicher Macht droht durch die okonomische Globalisierung aufgelost zu werden, so lautet das Fazit zahlreicher Gegenwartsdiagnosen. Zugleich artikuliert sich in jungeren Publikationen die Hoffnung auf die Herausbildung suprastaatlicher Institutionen, die uber staatliche Grenzen hinweg den Rechtsfrieden zu garantieren vermogen.

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But they lack the instruments and organizations necessary to carry its fruits beyond the outcome of merely individual achievement. One may guess that the great religions have reached appreciably valid conclusions, but they have undoubtedly done so by processes with which no self-respecting scientist would want his work to be associated. Since better truth-finding processes now exist — methods which advance knowledge from generation to generation — religious and ethical genius is better expressed through these new N o t e s for Chapter 1 29 channels.

In dire situations, as when invasion of the British Isles was threatened, the British democrat readily drops the more superficial segregation by social convenience and taste, and embraces the larger democracy of men, each with his immortal soul, and with his fundamental man-to-man humanity. With the foundation thus laid, he blossoms in more expansive times to what the American is surprised to find is a democracy believing in social classes [2]. Thus the Englishman, even in his pub, is likely to segregate in differently labelled bars in which conversations are carried on with some differences of interest and flavors of vocabulary.

Research described later shows that it is in fact impossible to accept on factor analytic evidence that just one dimension—or even two or three —can account for the real diversity of choices in political action. The distortions through people identifying themselves with the right-left stereotype are simpler and easier to detect than those more serious permeations of "logical" conclusions that come from the complex philosophy of a revealed religion—say Buddhism or Catholic Christianity —or from the inbred "rationalist" tradition handed down from the French Encyclopedists into the modern Humanist position, or even from the vague and transient philosophy of Hippiedom.

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