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By Wang Fangzi and Nebojsa Tomasevic

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Following pages: Two wine ers; on the left, the taotie motif, tions of the dynasty. 54 found in the excava- Lingbao, Henan right, contain- a zun decorated with a you of the province; on late Shang <* . i-1 > 4 . r -y. c. The victory of the Zhou over the Shang in 1027 bc was the victory of better organized noble families over less well or- ganized ones, ward it was no longer a case of war against back- barbarians. Like their victory, their supremacy over the Central Plain for five centuries brought better social organization and a consolidation of political insitutions.

Right: This painted pottery cup has a stylized human face on the handle (diameter 12. ). It was found of Vongdeng, Above: A in l(J7J in the district Gansu province. coloured piece of pottery with red and black geometric patterns of the Macheng Opposite:^ type. tripod jar of red pottery, used as a cooking utensil in the late Xeo/ithic. 36 ' SI TIBET At the village Tibet, is of Kare, near the town of Chamdo in eastern the site of a Neolithic settlement dating from 4,600 years ago. In an area of about two acres large quantities of stone implements and earthenware and bone utensils have been found, as well as the bones of oxen and sheep.

But the relative distance of these zones from the Central Plain did not visibly pose problems. Gansu, one should not 30 *m~-*x was the starting and finishing point of what was to become the Silk Route and the contacts with western Asia certainly pre-date the opening up of this route. Chinese forget, scholars, to whom ture, very rarely a sinocentric outlook mention the striking is often second na- similarities between the decorative motifs of pottery found in Lanzhou, Jiuquan and Gansu and those of in other sites in made tionally the pottery tradi- in sites near the Caspian Sea.

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