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A spouse to game and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity provides a chain of essays that observe a socio-historical standpoint to myriad facets of historic recreation and spectacle. Covers the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire

• contains contributions from quite a number foreign students with a number of Classical antiquity specialties
• is going past the standard concentrations on Olympia and Rome to check recreation in towns and territories during the Mediterranean basin
• encompasses a number of illustrations, maps, end-of-chapter references, inner cross-referencing, and a close index to extend accessibility and support researchers

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Like today’s politicians, tribal leaders had no interest in the long term. In a similar manner to the Gaulish tribes, some of the British tribes started to adopt the symbols and imagery of prestige in a more Roman idiom. Caesar had shown the Roman world that Britain was accessible and negotiable, an essential ingredient in recreating Britain in the Roman mindset. It was already normal for Roman traders to settle on the fringes of the Empire or beyond, creating mercantile centres. One may have existed at Braughing-Puckeridge (Hertfordshire), in Catuvellaunian territory.

The fact that some finds have turned up in places that archaeologists either would not, or could not, have looked only goes to show how selective the ‘official’ record can be. The Mildenhall Treasure (see Chapter 11), found in the 1940s, was even thought by some at the time to have been a modern import from North Africa. Since then, the discovery of exceptional treasure hoards such as Thetford and Hoxne, along with a very large number of minor finds, have radically altered our knowledge of the sheer quantity of Romano-British sites.

It would have been difficult for Claudius to disband the new legions without provoking a mutiny, but now the garrison on the German frontier was dangerously large. An ambitious governor might take advantage of the forces available to try and seize the throne. On the other hand, the new legions and preparations meant that Claudius had all he needed to invade Britain. By 43 Cunobelinus had died, leaving his kingdom to his sons. The legacy of his territorial aggrandizement was political instability, but there is no doubt that his prestige had been very great.

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